What does a forensic anthropologist do?

When it comes to crime scenes and solving murders, we are used to the great leaps of intuition Agatha Christie‚Äôs Miss Marple has which leads them to unmask the killer in a dramatic and exciting way. Fortunately, the law requires more than a flash of intuition to convict a person a major crime. One of […]

What is Forensic Anthropology?

Forensic anthropologists have a bit of a media personality at the moment. TV portrayals of their skills and capabilities make their role in the catching and convicting of dangerous criminals seem like an exciting and gripping career. In fact, it is often the people back in the laboratory who are effective at working out the […]

Tools of the Trade: Tools Used By Forensic Anthropologists

When it comes to bones, forensic anthropologists need to know a lot about whatever skeleton is in front of them. Everything from the coloration of the bones, to the slightest chip or damage against them, is a clue on how the person who owned them had passed. Still, not every clue can be seen with […]